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Welcome new students and horses!

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Another fantastic month for Castle Farm!  We had had eight new students in the past month alone, as well as a new horse, join the family!  We would like to welcome Kennady, Megan, Liz, Rebecca, Christa, Hannah, Noah, Olive and Jasper all to Castle Farm!

Megan, Liz, Rebecca, Christa, Hannah, Noah and Olive are all brand new to horse back riding.  Noah and Olive are elementary school age, and are very excited to get to learn how to ride these awesome animals.  And how lucky they are to be able to start at such a young age!  Megan, Rebecca, Christa and Hannah are all middle school age, and are really looking forward to learning something new.  Castle Farm has a lot of students in this age range, so it's easy to make friends here while you enjoy riding horses too!  Liz is an adult, and a teacher as well.  Liz is having a great time learning something new, and she is not alone.  We have many adult riders here at Castle Farm - some who have been riding a while, but some who are beginners, like Liz.  It's a great way to decompress and get some much needed "me time" while enjoying these beautiful animals.

Kennady is the only non-beginner joining Castle Farm this month.  However, Kennady is new to huntseat riding.  She is a former saddle seat rider, but she's having a great time learning about a different discipline, and is looking forward to getting to jump soon!  Kennady represents our high school age group, which also has several students in attendance.  As you can see, there is a lot of opportunity to make friends at Castle Farm, no matter what your age, while you enjoy the company of the horses.

Finally, we want to welcome Jasper to Castle Farm.  Jasper is a 6 year old, 15.2hh thoroughbred gelding who was recently bought by Emily to be her first horse.  Emily has been riding at Castle Farm for several years, and has watched her sister work with her horses, but now she finally gets a horse of her own!  We are all very excited to see how Emily and Jasper do as they work towards eventing at beginner novice level.  By the way, there are several friends out here for Jasper to make as well :)

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