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Welcome new students!

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Wow!  Castle Farm has just been booming over the past couple of months!  We have had a huge influx of new students, just since the beginning of June!  I would like to take this time to welcome Henry, Lilly and Lori Osborne, Jameson Johnston, Kellie Cochran, Sasha Bigelow, Anna Martens, Addison Hlubosky, Olivia, Evan, Alex and Jaime Mousty, and Janae Petitjean, all to the Castle Farm family, as well as to welcome returning students, Katie and Emily Powell.

I have noticed an increase, lately, in the number of families getting involved with horses.  In the past, it would just be one member of the family that was riding, but, in the last several months, especially, I have seen more WHOLE families start riding together. Lilly came to Castle Farm to go to summer camp with her cousin, Dahlia, who has been riding here for a couple of years.  Once summer camp was over, Lilly's brother Henry, and her mom Lori joined us for lessons as well!  The Mousty family all came at once - Olivia and Evan ride together, while Alex and, mom, Jaime ride together.  It's great to see families enjoying quality time together on a horse!

Our youngest riders to start in the past couple of months are Jameson and Addison.  They are really enjoying getting to know how to brush and care for their ponies, as well as ride them.  Sasha and Anna are both in middle school, and are also new to riding.  They are learning to care for their horses as well as ride, and really seem to enjoy the entire process!  Janae is an adult rider, new-ish to riding.  She had done some riding, but it had been a while.  She is having a great time remembering some stuff she had learned previously, and learning new things along the way.  Kellie is a very experienced adult rider, who has come to Castle Farm to sharpen her skills and compete in eventing.  She has already made it out to one competition with us, and had a blast!  Katie has recently returned, and has been bringing her newst horse, Sully, to her lessons.  He is a young, off-track Thoroughbred that she hopes to eventually compete in eventing.  And finally, Emily has also recently returned to Castle Farm for lessons.  She is working on refreshing her skills to get back into the competition arena as well.

As you can see, Castle Farm is a great fit for ANYONE who wants to learn more about horses or riding or competing - young kids, older kids, adults, families, and experienced riders as well!  Give me a call or send me an email to come and learn more about how you can join the Castle Farm family too!

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