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War Horse Event Series, 7/16/17

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Castle Farm had a great time at the War Horse event at the Carolina Horse Park this past weekend!  We had 5 horses and 5 riders competing at a variety of levels.  I rode Butch in the Novice level horse trials.  We started with a pretty good dressage score of 30.2%.  We even got a 9 in our medium walk!  Moving on to stadium, Butch felt pretty good, but we did have one rail come down due to pilot error.  Cross country was awesome though!  Butch really galloped well and took all the jumps in stride.  We finished in 5th place out of 16 competitors!  Next up was Ashley Godfrey on her horse Annie in the Maiden combined training division.  They have been working really hard on fixing some jumping issues, and this weekend was a definite success!  They started with one of their best looking dressage tests ever, and scored a 31.8%.  This put them in first place!  They went on to jump double clear and hold on to their placing for the win!  Next up was Katie Hayes on Cisco in the Maiden level horse trials.  They started off dressage with a score of 37% and in 6th place.  From there, they went double clear in both stadium and cross country!  They ended up finishing in 3rd place out of 13 entries!  This was probably their best event to date!  Catherine Collier was up next on Sandi in the Green as Grass horse trials division.  Catherine did the combined training last month, and was ready to move on and add the cross country this time out.  This was her first full event in probably 20 years!  She and Sandi started out with a 36.9 in dressage.  In stadium, they did have one rail down, but everything else looked good.  In cross country, they had some time penalties, but they did jump clear, and finished in 5th place overall!  Finally, joining us for the first time at a competition, was Kellie Cochran.  She had only ridden Patti a few times in lessons, but felt ready to tackle the Beginner Novice horse trials division.  They started with a 34.5 in dressage.  They jumped clear in stadium, although they did have a few time penalties.  However, they jumped double clear in cross country, and finished in 9th place out of 16 entries!  Not bad for their first time out with us, and after only a few rides!  We did have a little trouble with the weather, but nothing we couldn't handle.  All in all, it was a fabulous competition!  Plan to join us at the farm for our annual pig pickin in a few weeks!

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