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Caste Farm Gymkhana, 1/14/18

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Castle Farm students had a FANTASTIC time at the Castle Farm Gymkhana this weekend!  The weather was quite cold, but at least it was sunny, and tons of people came out.  I think this was the biggest Castle Farm show ever!  There were 14 students participating - Kaya, Natalie, Reagan, Christa, Jenna, Megan, Gwen, Char, Beatrix, Sarah, Ava, Henry, Charlotte and Gracie.  They participated in a ton of fun classes - Jumpers, Fault and out, Gambler's Choice, Musical mount, Egg and spoon, Musical stalls, Simon says, Ribbon race, Tennis tournament, Barrel racing, Pylon racing, Tortoise and Hare race, Red light green light, Rescue race, Catalog race, Water glass class, Keyhole race, Ride and tie, and Ride-a-buck.  Everyone took home a ton of ribbons and had a ton of fun!  We had a tie for our game day Champion - Christa and Sarah both picked up the most points throughout the day to come out on top!  Our Reserve Champion for the day was Gwen!  Thank you to all the folks who volunteered and helped make this day happen, especially to Rebecca, Sheryl and Katelyn.  Also, a big thank you to the Zobel family for bringing hot refreshments for everyone! Hopefully, we can do another show like this sooner rather than later.  Meanwhile, look for us to be at the next CHP Pipe Opener in February!

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