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Sharon Oaks Hunter Schooling Show, 6/11/17

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Castle Farm had a great turnout and a great competition at the Sharon Oaks show this past weekend!  We took four horses and six riders to compete in the hunter classes.  Liv rode Duchess in her first show ever.  They competed in the leadline classes, and came home with blue ribbons in all three!  Gwen rode Cisco in the Mini Hunter division, and also added an extra class from the Hopeful Hunter division, to try out her first time cantering at a show.  She ribboned in all her classes, earning first in her Hunter Under Saddle class!  Ashley and Annie rode, unjudged, in the Open Hunter division at 2'3".  Ashley is usually an eventing competitor, but she wanted to get some extra jumping practice in.  It definitely paid off - she had several lovely rounds!  Heather and Butch also competed in the Open Hunter division at 3'3" for the same reason as Ashley.  They have been tweaking some of their work at home, and it is definitely starting to work out.  The ribbons weren't so high this weekend, but she definitely felt a difference in her horse!  Jenna and her horse Duchess also competed in the Open Hunter division at 2'3".  They have also been working really hard at home, and they looked great!  They came home with ribbons in every class, including a second place finish in her Equitation Over Fences class!  And finally, Gracie rode Cisco in the Baby Hunter division and the Beginner Hunter division.  This was her first time doing a full division that included the canter, and she rocked both divisions!  She placed in every class, winning every single one of her jumping classes in both divisions!  She also came away with the championship honors in both classes!  The weather may have been hot this weekend, but Castle Farm riders were hotter!  Look for us to show up again at Sharon Oaks in a couple of weeks for the dressage and combined training show!

Welcome summer and new students!

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Summer is finally here!  My son is already out of school, and I'm sure others are soon to follow.  Now is the perfect time to start riding, or to get back into riding.  Castle Farm has had several new students in the past few months - Lauren McLane, Lydia Chellman, Erin Sullivan, Alivia Penardo, Blaine Beckwith, Isaiah Carratini and Taylor Fischer; and one returning student - Danielle Greco.  Lydia, Alivia and Isaiah are all brand new to riding.  They range in age from about 6-15.  They are very excited about all the new stuff they are learning, and about getting to spend time with these lovely animals!  Lauren, Erin and Taylor are all adults with prior riding experience.  They all had to take a break from riding for a bit, but are now getting back to it.  They are finding that most of what they remember is still there (like riding a bike), but they are learning and working on new things as well!  Blaine is a young rider, who also rides Western.  He wanted to try English riding, so he came to Castle Farm.  There are many similarities between English and Western, but, as Blaine is finding out, there are many differences as well!  Finally, we would like to welcome Danielle back to Castle Farm!  She had to move away about a year ago, but has recently moved back, and is very excited to start riding again!  Castle Farm has several more new students signed up to ride, and several competitions coming up as well, so stay tuned for more news on all this!

Sharon Oaks Dressage and Combined Training show, 5/27/17

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Castle Farm had a great time at the Sharon Oaks show yesterday!  We took 4 horses and 3 riders.  First up was Heather on Elena's horse Ellie.  Ellie has done a few dressage and hunter shows, but this was to be her first time over fences at a show.  She was entered in the Green As Grass division.  She started out in her Intro A dressage test feeling very relaxed, and scored a 35.625.  After the first couple of warm up jumps, she settled in to the expectations and was completely relaxed, even as she approached a very scary looking fence with lots of bright cones and signs!  She jumped double clear, finishing on her dressage score in second place!  Definitely a great start for this little mare!  Next up was Ashley on her horse Annie in the Maiden division. This pair has taken a step back to work on some basics.  They had a lovely dressage test, scoring a 38.75, and also went on to jump double clear!  This team finished in 5th place for the day!  Our last pair in the combined training classes was Heather and Butch.  They had also taken a step back to work on some things, but this was their first time going back up to training level.  They started out with a respectable dressage ride and score of 35.239.  Not to be outdone by the other riders, Heather and Butch also jumped double clear and finished in first place!  Our final rider for the day was Amelia on Cisco.  This was Amelia's first time ever at a show!  She and Cisco were competing in the Intro level dressage tests A and B.  They had two fabulous rides, scoring 57.5 and 59.062, respectively. They finished in 3rd place for both classes out of about 9 other riders!  What a great way to start their show career!  All in all, it was a great day for everyone, which was only topped by the great weather we had!  We will be coming back to Sharon Oaks next month for a hunter and dressage show, so keep an eye out for us there!

Sharon Oaks Hunter Schooling Show, 5/7/17

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Castle Farm horses and riders had a great time at the Sharon Oaks Hunter Schooling show this past weekend!  The weather was perfect, horses behaved well, and riders did their best!  First up for Castle Farm was Natalie Earnhardt riding Patti in her first show with Castle Farm.  Natalie had shown before, but this was her first time out after having taken a few months of lessons at Castle Farm.  Natalie entered in the walk/trot and ground poles division.  She did well enough in the walk/trot classes that she ended up adding a walk/trot/canter class a little later.  She earned ribbons in every class, including mostly seconds and thirds!  Next up was Lois Mercer, also on Patti, her own horse.  Lois had just come out to school with Patti and work on their showmanship skills, however, we decided that she would also benefit by going in to a class or two to practice what she had worked on perfecting.  She entered a couple of walk/trot classes as well (her first time back in the hunter ring in several years!)  She did quite well and ended up earning a first and second!  Apparently, the extra schooling paid off!  Next up for Castle Farm was Charlotte Zobel on Cisco in the leadline classes.  Charlotte rode in three classes, demonstrating her walk, trot and two point position as well.  She did so well that she earned first place in every class!  Finally, we had Jenna on her horse Duchess, and Heather on her horse Butch, in the Open Hunter division.  Jenna opted to jump 2'3" while Heather rode over the 3' fences.  Jenna did quite well in this tough division, earning ribbons in every class!  Heather and Butch only went in the over fences classes, but brought home seconds in all three and even took the Reserve Champion title in this division!  This was definitely a successful day for all involved!  We'll be back at Sharon Oaks in a few weeks for the dressage and combined training show.  Wish us luck!

Longleaf Pines HT, 4/22-23/17

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Butch and I traveled to the Longleaf Pines HT this weekend to compete in the Novice Rider division.  We started off the competition with a fabulous dressage test, earning a 26% - our best score ever on this test!  That put us in 7th place out of a HUGE field of 24 total horse and rider teams.  Next up for the day was cross country.  Butch put in a fabulous ride - probably our best ride on cross country ever!  He added no jump penalties, and definitley no time penalties since he came in almost  a minute under the time (believe it or not, there was a time when he was too slow on cross country!).  At the end of the day, we were still comfortably in 7th place.  On Sunday, with a drastic weather change, we warmed up for stadium.  My goal was for the stadium course to ride just as strong as the cross country course did, and of course, to keep up all the rails.  Well, we pretty much met our goal.  We jumped all but one jump just as I had planned, but Butch saved us on the last jump anyway, and we managed to pull off a double clear round!  Adding no jump or time penalties to our score, we stayed in 7th place and had to watch the last few riders go to find out our final fate.  Unfortunately for several riders, there were rails down, but that did mean that Butch and I were able to move up and finish the competition on our dressage score, and in 3rd place out of 24!  This was definitely one of our best shows to date!  Next on the agenda - look for Castle Farm horses and riders to head to the Sharon Oaks Hunter show in May.

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