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Caste Farm Gymkhana, 1/14/18

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Castle Farm students had a FANTASTIC time at the Castle Farm Gymkhana this weekend!  The weather was quite cold, but at least it was sunny, and tons of people came out.  I think this was the biggest Castle Farm show ever!  There were 14 students participating - Kaya, Natalie, Reagan, Christa, Jenna, Megan, Gwen, Char, Beatrix, Sarah, Ava, Henry, Charlotte and Gracie.  They participated in a ton of fun classes - Jumpers, Fault and out, Gambler's Choice, Musical mount, Egg and spoon, Musical stalls, Simon says, Ribbon race, Tennis tournament, Barrel racing, Pylon racing, Tortoise and Hare race, Red light green light, Rescue race, Catalog race, Water glass class, Keyhole race, Ride and tie, and Ride-a-buck.  Everyone took home a ton of ribbons and had a ton of fun!  We had a tie for our game day Champion - Christa and Sarah both picked up the most points throughout the day to come out on top!  Our Reserve Champion for the day was Gwen!  Thank you to all the folks who volunteered and helped make this day happen, especially to Rebecca, Sheryl and Katelyn.  Also, a big thank you to the Zobel family for bringing hot refreshments for everyone! Hopefully, we can do another show like this sooner rather than later.  Meanwhile, look for us to be at the next CHP Pipe Opener in February!

CHP Pipe Opener, 1/13/18

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Castle Farm had a great time at the Carolina Horse Park this weekend! It was our first outing of the year, and we got 2018 off to a good start! Butch and Heather starting things off in the Novice CT division with a 23.3% and in first place after dressage! They went on to jump a decent round with no jump penalties, but several time penalties. They did not end up in the ribbons, but things were a lot smoother! Next up was Emily Powell on her horse Jasper. This was their first time in the the Green As Grass CT division. Dressage was a little tough, with Jasper being very distracted, but they managed to get through the test despite his "baby moments". However, everything turned around for them in the jumping! They had a great warm up and a fantastic jump round, and finished the day in 4th place! Our final team was Jenna Leidecker on her horse Duchess. They have recently switched over to eventing from hunters, so they focused only on the dressage this weekend. They had a fantastic ride in Intro A! And with a score of 67.8%, they finished in second place! Definitely a great way to start out the new year!

Red Mountain Hounds Hunter Pace, 11/12/17

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We had a great time at the Red Mountain Hounds hunter pace yesterday! The weather was a bit gloomy and crisp, but at least it didn't rain! Our entire crew went together on the hilltopper course - Me on Ellie, Natalie on Pippa, Gwen on Cisco, Ashleigh on Annie, Lauren on Sandi, Sheryl on Duchess, Jenna on Butch and Emily on Jasper. For almost everyone, this was their first hunter pace. It wasn't mine and Emily's first, but it was for our horses. Everyone did fantastic! All the riders had fun, and I think even the horses did too!

Sharon Oaks Dressage and Combined Training show and Drill Team performance, 11/4/17

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Castle Farm took a ton of horses and riders to our last competition of the year at Sharon Oaks Stables. Our drill teams also performed at this show! Catherine had a last minute horse change to ride Annie in the Green As Grass division. She brought home a lovely score of 62.8% and rode double clear in stadium to finish in third! Butch and I scored 66.5% in the Novice CT division. We also went double clear, and also finished in third! Emily rode Jasper in their first show together. They scored 57% in Intro A and 60% in Intro B, placing second in both classes! Lois rode her own Patti. They scored 64.3% in Training level test 1, and 61.7% in Training level test 2, and they placed third and fourth, respectively! Finally, we had our 4 Pas De Deux teams. Reagan and Heather rode Pippa and Cisco to music from The Jungle Book. They scored a 57.2% and placed 4th overall. Gwen and Sarah rode Cisco and Pippa to music from Black Beauty. They scored 59% and placed third overall. Natalie and Kayla rode Pippa and Cisco to music from Pocahontas. They 59.2% scored and placed 2nd overall. And finally, Heather and Amanda rode Butch and Annie (aka Beauty and the Beast) to music from Beauty and the Beast. They scored 68% and finished in first place! All of our horses and riders did such a fantastic job! It was a great way to wind up the show year!

Happy Fall!

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I LOVE this time of year!  The smells, the weather, the colors, all of it!  This is the perfect time of year to be on a horse too!  And Castle Farm has several new students who seem to agree.  We would like to welcome Beatrix, Mary, Kerri, Rhianne and Paige!  As usual, we have a wide variety of riders joining us.  Paige is the youngest.  She has ridden a few times at another barn, but it was a little too far away, so she found Castle Farm to be more convenient.  Beatrix, Mary and Rhianne are all about high school aged, and have all ridden before.  The have come to Castle Farm for different reasons, but they are all enjoying their lessons and what they are learning!  Kerri is an adult, who has also ridden before.  She had some good experiences as a child, but, more recently, she had some negative experiences.  She has come to Castle Farm to help build her confidence back up.

In addition to lessons, we have been competing a lot this season too!  If you have been keeping up with our news, then you know where we have been recently.  We have two more events coming up.  Our last competition for the year will be at Sharon Oaks this weekend.  It is a dressage and combined training competition, and our drill team is also doing their annual performance!  They have been practicing all year and are very excited to show their stuff!  We are taking the biggest crowd of horses and riders that we have had all year!  We will have 6 horses going (we wanted to bring a 7th, but we didn't have room in the trailer), and 10 riders!  And a week later, we will be doing our last event of the year - a hunter pace with Red Mountain Hounds at Quail Roost Farm.  We have 8 horses and riders going to that event!  We will finish up 2018 with the first practice for next year's drill team and our annual Christmas party.  If you are interested in joining our team to learn about horses and have lots of fun, just send me an email! :)

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