Castle Farm Facilities

Here at Castle Farm, we have several areas to train, exercise, and showcase our horses and riders.

Somebody riding a horse in the arena
(Photo by Heather King)

Riding Arena

Our lighted riding arena offers good access to both enclosed jumping as well as our cross-country course. It is also close to the barn, so no time is wasted between tacking and riding.

Somebody lounging a horse in the ring
(Photo by Heather King)

Lounge Ring

Our 60' lounge ring is great for beginning riders, training both green and advanced horses, and a lot of other things.

Somebody riding on the cross-country course
(Photo by Heather King)

Cross-country course

Castle Farm's cross-country course lets riders try their best in an open-field environment, jumping ditches, logs, and even boats in a pondside ride.

Somebody doing something at the barn
(Photo by Heather King)


Castle Farm's barn is the center of activity. It houses the tack room, several stalls, and Heather's office.

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